Middle Class Mitt

September 22nd, 2011

“My own view with regards to tax policy is that we ought to provide help to the people that have been hurt most by the Obama economy, and that’s the middle class. It’s not those at the low end and it’s certainly not for those at the very high end. It’s for the great middle-class, the 80 to 90 percent of us in this country.” – Mitt Romney in Florida yesterday (emphasis added)


Sorry, Mitt, but you could never pass

For a member of the “great middle class.”


If you’re middle class, then I’m in the point-one percent

(I can’t decide to which mansion I should get my dividend checks sent).


Here’s Mitt claiming to be part of the “great middle class.” What “help” does Mitt have to offer his fellow middle-classers? He proposes to make capital gains, interest, and dividend income tax-free for anyone who earns less than $200K/year. Not a horrible idea, but since most middle-classers (and certainly very few working-classers) don’t have much of those forms of income, it won’t be much assistance. Depending on how it’s written, it could however be highly beneficial to one-percenters…and who wants to bet that it would be so written.

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