Message Discipline

March 7th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney’s narrow wins over Rick Santorum in Michigan and Ohio.


With his verbal digressions, he didn’t help himself,

But Rick Santorum unfortunately can’t help himself.


If he’d stuck to his working class message and grandfather’s hands,

He could have made Michigan and Ohio Romney’s last stands.


Instead, Santorum lost all control

And started talking about Satan, college, and birth control.


When running for office, the greatest sin

Is to forget about message discipline

(Especially when margins are razor-thin).


In Michigan and Ohio, that discipline was completely forgotten,

Severely restricting the number of votes and delegates gotten.


(Of course it also wasn’t so great

That Rick didn’t file a full delegate slate.)


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2 Responses to “Message Discipline”

  1. Irsy Says:

    Ron Paul is not a viable oioptn in my opinion because I find his foreign policy harmful to this country. Now, I do enjoy a number of his other positions, but all those turn irrelevant if we become too weak on defense. Furthermore, I think he’ll be the next candidate to drop out he will finish last in South Carolina. Lastly, I wanted to poll the other three candidates to get an idea who would to best just out of those three.

  2. Unathi Says:

    Ron Paul is right on about smaller gmevrnoent and I do believe he would drastically cut useless, bloated gmevrnoent programs. I do however have serious reservations about his stance on foriegn policy. I can’t believe his implications that America is responsible for 911 as we are sticking our noses in the business of other countries. Yes, we need to stop being the world’s policeman however he went too far. Terrorists are responsible for 911 and that is it. Ron Paul hooked up with Barney Frank to form a committee to cut budget defense ..Nobody with a brain or a heart should ever hook up with a sleeze like Barney Frank.. 11 out of the 14 advisors picked by Ron and Barney are linked with George Soros. What is wrong with Ron Paul??? Once, I liked him alot, but his approach for foriegn policy is out of wack.

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