Meet the Spartans? (or, 353)

February 14th, 2010

Inspired by President Obama’s statement in his State of the Union message that Dems still have strong majorities in the House and Senate, and shouldn’t “run for the hills.” For more on Dems’ standing up for what’s right, also read Progressive Hardball (Robert Kuttner, Huffington Post 2/14/10) and our earlier post.

When confronted by the Persian hordes,

The 300 Spartans didn’t throw down their swords.

They didn’t drop their shields

And run back home to their fields.

In the modern day, similarly,

Dems’ Congressional majority

Now numbers three hundred fifty-three,

Which should be enough, it seems to me.

But while the Spartan stand-off is a useful parable,

It’s not in the strictest sense comparable.

After all, the Spartans were outnumbered more than 1000 to one,

But Dems should still have enough of a majority to get something done.

Unless of course one counts the Teabagger masses,

The din of whose protests their actual number surpasses.

PR makes their “movement” seem big when it’s not,

More like a tempest in a teapot.

Still, many Dems act as if they’re outnumbered

And their political days are numbered.

If that’s true, let’s stand up for what’s right

And try to put up a fight.

And sometimes, victory unexpectedly will avail–

The Spartans almost held out, except for an unlucky sheep trail.

(Speaking of sheep, in contrast to a recent commercial,

It may be the Far Right that suffers reversal.)

So lead us,


Let our resistance be glorious

(But hopefully also victorious).

In thinking we’re already beat, Republicans blundered.

After all, 353 is way more than 300.

PS to Bob:

I agree Dems’ current qualms Obama’s agenda imperil,

But I don’t think I say Obama’s is a Presidency in Peril.

I think that we’re on the cusp of great victory

(As long as we can pass the healthcare bill in a hurry).


Here’s one of the big slow-mo combat scenes from the movie 300.


Here’s a pretty funny parody of that scene from the movie Battle for the Smithsonian (sequel to Night at the Museum) (the fight sequence starts at 1’9).

Speaking of parodies, here’s a a scene from the very funny movie Meet the Spartans. (And since we’re playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, did you get the connection between the last two movies? If not, click here to find out.)

Here’s “This is Obama” by a clever Youtuber.

And another good one about Obama-Leonides and the fly.

What post about Spartans would be complete without the 1962 original movie, The 300 Spartans. The battle scenes weren’t quite as exciting (or graphic) or the costumes as revealing, but I think it’s fair to say that the character development and dialogue are a bit more advanced. Here’s a scene from that movie.

And finally, here’s Carly Fiorina’s now famous “Demon Sheep Ad” attacking her opponent Tom Campbell as a “FCINO” (Fiscal Conservative in Name Only).

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