Medicare Buy In Sell Out

December 16th, 2009

A follow-up to our earlier post about Mr. Lieberman, inspired by Lieberman riles many with role in health debate: Liberals air new attacks, mischaracterization of public option alleged (Washington Post 12/08/09),  Lieberman, caught red-handed? (MSNBC First Read 12/14/09), The rapid rise and fall of a Medicare buy-in, and Health bill’s prospects improve as Lieberman signals support (Washington Post 12/16/09).


Joe Lieberman, you had your way

And dealt healthcare reform a heavy blow yesterday.


The Medicare buy-in plan is apparently dead.

It had been proposed in the public option’s stead.

That in turn took the place of single payer.

See a pattern yet, you “Independent” naysayer?


What I don’t understand

Is why you the Medicare expansion can’t stand.

You supported it a few months ago

(For proof, watch the video below).


What could have caused your views to be redefined?

Could that $2.7 million from health and insurance interests have changed your mind?

Saying you oppose the public option because of its cost is funny,

Since the CBO found it would save the government money.


You said you feared the bill would be loaded with junk,

But now you say that danger’s passed.

I guess you really saved the day—

You’re America’s hero at last.


If you did it to feel “relevant” or get attention,

One thing I think I should mention:

When you are making everybody mad,

Too much relevance and attention are bad.


I also don’t get how you used to be an economic Liberal/Progressive,

But now your voting record has become so regressive.

In 2006, you got 70% of the Republican vote but only 33% of the Dem.

Since the former like you better, are you now just working for them?


Fellow Dems, do we really need Joe

When we might be able to get Snowe,

And even the Chair of “Connecticut for Lieberman” wants him to go?

(For more about that, watch the ad below.)


Or better yet, let’s just wait for Conference

Which gadflies like Joe thankfully circumvents.


Here’s the video of Lieberman speaking in support of Medicare buy-in on. Can you say flip-flop?

Here’s a recent ad featuring the Chair of “Connecticut for Lieberman” criticizing Joe’s obstructionism.

Here’s the National Journal’s full ranking on Lieberman.

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