McDonnell’s Thesis Trouble

September 4th, 2009

Quotes and references from (8/30-9/03/09 articles in Washington Post.


VA’s Robert McDonnell has written a paper

Which (unfortunately for him) has become an election shaper.

It’s not fair, he complains, 1989 was so long ago!

(That didn’t matter when Republicans attacked Jim Webb’s 1979 paper, you know.)

“But I was just in college,” he tries to explain.

Actually, he was 34 and married with kids – not quite the same.


McDonnell doesn’t like the world in which we live.

For example, only married couples should be allowed to use a contraceptive.

Working women and feminists are “detrimental” to the family

And the government should “restrain, punish, and deter” homosexuality.

Some more ideas he thought are great:

“Leaders must correct the conventional folklore about the separation of church and state”

And if you’re not married, you can’t have sex or cohabitate.


Here’s another proposal you may have missed:

Tax deductions based on need are “socialist”

So though it may seem unkind

He’d eliminate deductions for kids and being blind.

And in 2001 was it an omen

That he voted in favor of lower wages for women?


His defenders say he’s “moderated” his views because of his ambition to get elected.

But that doesn’t mean those views have been rejected.

In fact, he actively pursued most of them while a VA State rep

But that was just his first step.

Who knows what he’ll do

If he gets the job he wants to.

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