Master of Communication (or, Stark Raving Mad)

September 15th, 2010

Inspired by Stuff Phil Davison Told Me! (Huffington Post 9/14/10) and Countdown’s report below.

“If nominated tonight, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that what you are seeing from me tonight is what everyone outside those doors is gonna get over the next eight weeks.” – Stark County Ohio Republican candidate for County Treasurer Phil Davison

Phil Davison wanted to be the local GOP’s new face.

He goes whole hog, the culture of anger to embrace.

Does he come across as a little too extreme?

(This far outdoes even Dean’s famous scream.)

A Master’s degree in communication?

What’d you minor in, self-humiliation?

As it turns out, Davison was a little too wack

For local Republicans to back.

But in the right wing “who is angrier” contest,

Is Davison really that different from all the rest?

Does anyone else think it’s problematical

That the GOP is becoming more and more fanatical?

The right wing has been successful in label re-assigning

And far left – far right spectrum redefining.

They keep on pushing the envelope further and further to the right,

Making a habit of things that were previously considered just not right.

Thanks, Stark Republicans, for stopping that drift, at least for now,

And for your stance this kind of behavior to disavow.

But unfortunately, it still remains to be seeen

Whether this kind of behavior eventually becomes routine.


Here’s Countdown’s 9/10/10 report with video of Davison’s empassioned speech.

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Here’s Howard Dean’s famous scream, which was heretofor mercilessly mocked by Republicans (as well as Dean’s then-presidential primary opponents), and may have single-handedly cost him the nomination. Relax, Governor: Davison sets a new standard, so you’re off the hook.


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