Mass. Effect: Redemption (or, Lock Step or Mis-step?)

February 24th, 2010

A continuation of our “Mass Effect” series, inspired by Scott Brown Breaks With GOP To Support Jobs Bill (Huffington Post 2/22/10), Senate advances job-creation bill with GOP help, From the bluest of states, a red senator of a different color (Washington Post 2/23/10), Brown revives GOP moderates’ pivot role ( 2/23/10 7:26 am), Conservatives Turn On Scott Brown Over Jobs Bill Vote: ‘Low Life Scum Hypocrite!’ (Huffington Post 2/23/10), Glenn Beck Assails Scott Brown As A ‘Progressive Republican’ (Huffington Post 2/24/10), From hero to RINO (Washington Post 2/24/10), and  the video game novel of the same name.

GOP savior Scott Brown is not in lock step,

Which for Republican faithful might be a mis-step.

Will the Teabagger masses who so recently hailed him

Now condemn him him as having betrayed and failed them?

I for one sincerely hope not–

If Brown is moderate, he’s one of the few they’ve got.

As Aristotle said, all things should be done in moderation.

And a few GOP moderates might help save the Nation.

So Scott, if my past posts seemed overly critical,

Please forgive my having been political.

Forget everything I said before

And please go on being moderate some more.

And don’t worry about what those Teabaggers say—

They’ll never vote for you again anyway.


Here’s Glenn Beck’s view (he’s actually making a little bit of sense here).

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  1. Newsericks » Blog Archive » Murray Hill Says:

    […] Donors would never be betrayed when their representative didn’t turn out as planned. […]

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