Mass. Effect 2: Fight for the Lost

January 27th, 2010

Inspired by ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ How many times will he say it tonight? (Washington Examiner 1/27/10) and the video game of the same name, Mass Effect 2, the second in the trilogy, released yesterday.

     One of the effects of the Mass. Senate election

Has been a renewed “feisty Liberal” insurrection.

This group has found Scott Brown’s win motivational

For advocating Obama and Dems to be more confrontational.

     I must admit that in many ways I agree,

And that the “feisty Liberal” group often includes me.

It seems that the President is now also joining in

(Or at least, to so begin).

     Some things literally can change overnight.

As proof, pundits are counting how often Obama uses the word “fight”.

In Ohio, for example, he said “fight” 13 times and “fighting” 9 more,

A lot more often than he’s used those words before.

     In his State of the Union speech last night

While he didn’t say the word as often, he showed he’s still ready to fight.

But he was also conciliatory

(For more, read my State of the Union story).

     Of course, it’s not good to fight just for fighting’s sake

(Although that often seems to be the approach that Republicans take).

But sometimes, one has no other option,

And there’s strong evidence that phase has begun.

     Are Obama’s fighting words “faux”?

The Post’s Kathleen Parker seems to think so.

But me, I don’t think it’s just an act,

And I do think it’s time the Left counter-attacked.

     Of course, saying “fight” and doing it are not the same,

Because in the end, it’s not just a game.


Here’s Obama’s Ohio speech (cited by numerous commentators as an example of Obama’s new more combative approach).

Here’s the game trailer.

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