Mass. Deception

January 22nd, 2010

Inspired by Big payoffs to senators on health bill stoke public anger (Washington Examiner 12/23/09) and More evidence that pressure works (Liberty Maven 1/22/10).

     Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to do what they do,

Then attack Dems for doing what the GOP forced them to.

     Hypocrisy is unfortunately common in all things political,

But the GOP has reached new heights in being hypocritical.

They somehow convinced Massachusettsians and others the Nation throughout

To blame the Democrats for what they themselves have brought about.

     Massachusetts voters didn’t like the bribes that Blue Dogs put in

(I talked to several who listed that reason for voting Republican).

I (and most other Dems) didn’t like those bribes either.

In fact, I (and most other Dems) supported neither.

     Why, then, did the Dems do it?

Because they were forced to it.

Democratic leaders wouldn’t have had to accept those demands

If the Republicans hadn’t put the last crucial votes into Blue Dog hands.

     Usually, the moderates from both sides of the aisle

Reach consensus without big bribes to hold-outs to “make it worth their while.”

Of course, politics has always been rife with deal-making,

But usually they haven’t been so big and budget-breaking.

     It’s not the Dems’ fault

That they had to do this in response to the GOP assault.

It’s particularly when voting margins are so razor thin

That special favors and deals like this creep in.

     And it’s not like the Dems didn’t allow GOP participation

(Just not the kind that Republicans wanted, i.e. domination).

The Dems made concessions galore

Just to get legislation to the House and Senate floor.

     If you think that’s a hypocritical attack, here’s a worse one:

That Obama and the Congress can’t get anything done.

That suggestion is even more asinine,

Since Republicans are the ones blocking progress (by design).

     Now Republicans believe that Brown’s win attests

That this “Just Say No” strategy has been a success.

And now with this 41st Senatorial seat,

Look out for even more obstruction and deceit.

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