Many Happy (Tax) Returns

January 19th, 2012

Inspired by Romney faces mounting pressure to release tax returns sooner and Mr. Romney’s tax returns: Why not release them now? And, oh yes, name his bundlers from today’sWashington Post.




You fumbled badly on releasing your return.

Why not tell the American people what you earn?


Why not just release them and get it over with.

Rather than giving opponents a cudgel to work you over with.


If you don’t, your support will be further eroded,

And everyone already knows you’re loaded.


What’s worse, you’ll have implied

That you have something to hide.


NB: It’s both instructive and ironic to note that it was George Romney, Mitt’s dad, who set the precedent for presidential candidates releasing tax returns (read this article for more about that). Romney the Elder released 12 years worth. (He also paid 66% taxes, which still left him with just over $1 million in take-home pay for the period.)


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