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July 6th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney’s weasel-word filled claim that he hasn’t seen the President’s economic plan.

“You will receive from Lieutenant Neale the person of Philip Nolan, late a Lieutenant in the United States Army. This person on his trial by court-martial expressed with an oath the wish that he might ‘never hear of the United States again.’ The Court sentenced him to have his wish fulfilled…He is to be exposed to no indignity of any kind, nor is he ever unnecessarily to be reminded that he is a prisoner. But under no circumstances is he ever to hear of his country or to see any information regarding it, and you will specially caution all the officers under your command to take care, that, in the various indulgences which may be granted, this rule, in which his punishment is involved, shall not be broken. It is the intention of the Government that he shall never again see the country which he has disowned… Respectfully yours,” – Secretary of the Navy
“I’ve put up 59 steps for how I’d get the economy going, and I don’t think I’ve seen any from the President that show what he’s planning on doing.” – Mitt Romney


Dear Mr. Romney:


Did your tell your staff not to show you Obama’s economic plan

Which the President’s been working on since his term began?


Did you see the plan once, but then forget?

Don’t any of your mansions have internet?


Don’t you think it would bewise

To read the plan before you criticize?


You’ve been saying for over a year that you with Obama’s policies disagreed,

And now you say you haven’t even bothered, the President’s plan to read?


(Of course, it would be more credible if you didn’t insist

That Obama’s economic plan doesn’t even exist.

It’s especially hard to believe, since the plan your campaign so deplores

Actually came out the same week as yours.)


Mr. Romney, here’s the President’s plan: Please check it out,

And at least familiarize yourself about what it’s about.


Here’s the Ed Show’s 7/06/12 report (with Prof. Michael Eric Dyson subbing for Ed), including the Romney quote and some commentary from Ezra. Yes, Mitt, the President does have a plan, and it’s a lot more detailed and realistic than yours. In fact, Obama’s spent the last 3.5 years trying to overcome Republican obstruction to get it enacted (here’s the latest version of it). I guess it’s understandable that he didn’t notice when the President’s economic plan was released, since it’s got the obscure title The President’s Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction. Mitt, you’ve been attacking Obama’s economic policy as incompetent freedom-hating socialism for over a year now. Shouldn’t you at first read his actual economic plan? Or would that injection of reality spoil things?

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Here’s a scene from the movie version, starring Cliff Robertson and Beau Bridges.


The other thing to note about Romney’s quote is how chock-full it is with qualifications. Romney doesn’t just hedge his statement
once, he does it twice: (1) Mitt doesn’t say there isn’t a plan, he just says he hasn’t seen it; (2) on the other hand, he’s not sure about that; he only thinks he hasn’t seen it. Maybe he has seen it and just forgot (if that’s not an admission that he’s lying and he knows it, then nothing is). Further evidence that Romney is yet again lying: he came out with his 59 point plan (here’s the free Kindle ebook version) in September 2011, in the same week as The President’s Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction. Both plans received lots of fanfare, so it’s just not credible to believe that Mitt didn’t hear about or read the President’s plan.



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