Man Pants (or, Is There A Cure for Christine O’Donnell?)

September 12th, 2010

Inspired by GOP candidate for Deleware’s Senate seat Christine O’Donnell’s (barely) covert attacks on her opponent, Congressman Mike Castle and Tea Party Fave Christine O’Donnell Thinks About Sex An Awful Lot (CrooksandLiars 9/12/10).

Is Congressman Mike Castle gay?

That’s something Christine O’Donnell would never say.

(At least she’d never say it outright.

But would she hint and repeat? She might.)

Why, just look at the unmanly pants Castle wears,

Something about which Christine apparently desperately cares.

But though Castle’s pants are so bad she’s forced to scoff,

It’s even worse is what she thinks happens when he takes those pants off

But Deleware gays, not only can’t you do it with someone of the same gender—

If you do it by yourself, you’re also an offender.

Luckily, O’Donnell’s a firm believer that all you gays can be cured,

But until then, your discomfort just has to be endured.

(Straight men and women, the same goes for you—

If you do what Woody Allen said, you’re guilty too.)

So it’s not just gays (like Mike Castle?) that O’Donnell is baiting—

I guess she’s against any sex that’s not procreating.

O’Donnell is definitely a master at baiting gays.

We’ll see how well her view with anyone (but herself) plays.

Of course, Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint did endorse her

To become the right’s latest morality enforcer.


Here’s Rachel’s 9/10/10 report.

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Here’s your theme music, Sodomy from the musical Hair (“masturbation can be fun…”). I certainly don’t equate or endorse all the activities which the song lists (not the pederasty, anyway), but I’m sure O’Donnell does.

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