Make Way for Ducklings

April 27th, 2010

Inspired by the picture below from today’s Post.

Most people don’t want to run over ducklings,

And so we appreciate being warned they’re there.

Still, there is the occasional miscreant

In such a hurry that he/she doesn’t care.

For both groups of potential duckling runner-downers,

Those who stop or slow traffic serve a purpose.

They inform those who want to do the right thing of danger,

And they stop those who would do something wrong on purpose.

Government regulation serves the same function,

Alerting businesses and the country to potential risk or harm.

But it also stops those who would use unscrupulous tactics

To do the public and/or their competitors harm.

It protects those who for whatever reason can’t fend for themselves

And might otherwise end up as road kill.

Republicans deride this as the “nanny state,”

But thankfully, if they won’t protect people, Dems will.

Most people (and businesses)

Do want to do the right thing,

Sometimes they just don’t know the consequences

Their actions will bring.

And sometimes, alas,

They just don’t care.

Which is why regulation

Is both necessary and fair.

That’s why it amazes me

When Republicans say

Those ducklings are toast

If they don’t get out of the way.


Also check out the book Make Way for Ducklings and this highly rated book about the benefits of government regulation (one of many on that subject) in our Amazon store.

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