Maintenance Deferred is Maintenance Denied

October 15th, 2011

Inspired by Billions required for infrastructure (Ashley Halsey III and Dana Hedgpeth,Washington Post10/15/11).


“Deferred maintenance” is a term that’s now often heard,

But “deferred” is really not the right word.


“Deferred” means you’ll do it not now, but then,

But with infrastructure repair, if not now, when?


The right-wing opposition to infrastructure spending is bizarre,

Since now would be the best time to do it by far.


Interest rates and construction costs are low,

And the cost of “deferral” continues to grow.


(According to the American Society of Civil Engineers

Deteriorating roads and bridges will cost $1.29 trillion over the next 10 years.)


Upkeep, by definition, is something with which you must keep up,

And until we fix our infrastructure, those costs will continue to heap up.


When Republicans said “no” to Obama’s jobs plan, maybe they just meant

They don’t want him to get credit for fixing roads and reducing unemployment.


Maybe they’re just waiting for the right time and place,

Like after they Obama in the White House replace.


But America can’t keep putting infrastructure off until sometime later,

Like when Republicans get the go-ahead from the Almighty Job Creator.


Click here to read my own jobs and infrastructure proposal and sign this petition to tell the President and Congress that America needs a real plan for jobs, economic growth, and infrastructure reconstruction.

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