Lost Innocence

December 17th, 2009

Inspired by Parent Files Complaint Against Gay Teacher Over Child’s Sense Of Innocence (Washington City Paper 12/15/09) and the smokin’ commentary at Parent Files Complaint Against Gay Teacher, Appeals For Restoration Of ‘Child’s Sense Of Innocence’ (Huffington Post 12/16/09). As reported therein, DC Public School parent Margaret Hemenway has filed a complaint against her daughter Christina’s first grade teacher at Horace Mann Elementary for taking away Christina’s “sense of innocence” by announcing to the class that she was planning to marry a woman. She writes about it in The real purpose of gay marriage?, posted Dec. 14 on the Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays website. Apparently, it’s not a recent event: Hemenway published a similar post over a year ago (Ayers’ Agenda: First-Grade Guinea Pigs, Human Events 10/22/08).

I too am a Northwest DC public school parent,

And though it’s not from Mrs. Hemenway’s behavior apparent,

Usually, we’re a friendly and tolerant bunch,

But she’s an exception, I’ve got a hunch.



Margaret Hemenway mourns her daughter’s lost innocence,

So first let me just say, in her defence

That I too remember when my daughers were small,

Untouched by the world’s slings and arrows and slings and all.


Children lose their innocence when they start to see the world as it is–

A homeless man on the corner, or someone screaming in public at their kids.

It happens little by little, and it’s usually hard to know

Exactly when a child’s innocence starts to go.


But in this case, the reason is clear

Why little Christina’s innocence started to disappear.

Her loss of innocence can be traced to one action

And the person responsible should answer for her infraction.


The person responsible should be harshly condemned

For the loss of innocence which from her act stemmed.

And the person responsible is none other…

Than little Christina’s very own mother.


People believed blacks were inferior, back in the Day,

But even bigoted parents know what they can and can’t say.

Society now looks upon racism suspiciously,

So if you want to teach it to your kids, you’ve got to do so surreptitiously.


Not so with homosexuality, for which “religious” parents state

That the Bible requires them to discriminate.

Religious beliefs must be respected, as we all learn in school.

After all, who’s against the Golden Rule?


Never mind that the Bible was also used to justify

Slavery and racism in years gone by.

That view’s long since been discredited,

And those parts of the Bible edited.


But homosexuality is still seen by some as an abomination,

Which in their minds justifies civil discrimination.

Conservative Christian parents teach their children

That homosexuality is a horrible sin.


Mrs. H, there are a million different ways you could have explained

The teacher’s announcement about which you complained.

What kept you from simply telling your daughter then

That sometimes girls like girls and men like men?


Or you could even have said that you believe marriage is meant

A union between a man and woman to represent,

Adding that not everyone believes as you do,

So we shouldn’t be unfair if they want to get married too.


And so far as Uncle Bobby the gay guinea pig is concerned,

These books teach a lesson that by kids should be learned:

People are different, with different wants and desires,

And it should be love, not fear, those that difference inspires.


Instead, you pass on your “traditional” views, whatever the cost,

And then complain that your daughter’s innocence is lost?

Ms. H, you’re the one that caused all this upheaval

By telling poor Christina that her favorite teacher is evil.


For more on teaching children to discriminate, read our earlier post, Obama’s Homo-Socialist Education-Agenda. In several of her blog posts, Ms. Hemenway also refers to the same book I referred to in mine, Queering Elementary Education. (She doesn’t appear to like that book either.)

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