Long Live the King

May 12th, 2011

Inpired by Senate Republicans trying to trip consumer protecton bureau before it’s up and running (Michelle Singletary, Washington Post 5/12/11).

“Many in Congress have made clear their intention to defund, delay, and defang the consumer agency before it can help one family.” – long-time consumer advocate (and Obama’s choice to head the new consumer protection agency) Elizabeth Warren
“We support strong and effective consumer protection.” – letter to Obama from 44 Senators (coincidentally, all Republicans) threatening to block appointment of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director unless consumer protectons are weakened and the agency made less effective
“The customer is king.” – old saying


We Americans overthrew our King,

Though some people still to monarchial power cling.

I’m speaking of course of the American consumer,

Who’s tyranny infects our country like a tumor.

With politicians from both parties at their beck and call,

Consumers have long held helpless corporations in their thrall.

Now, Democrats want to make a bad situation worse

With a new agency that to beleagured Big Business is even more adverse.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created by law.

Obama wants it headed by an actual consumer advocate. (What unmitigated gall!)

The law was undemocratically passed by Congress and signed by the Pres.

Now Republicans are upset the consumer agency might do what the law says.

How can Big Business with its lobbyists, lawyers, and billions in contributions

Compete with consumer control of our democratic institutions?

How can corporations, powerless as they are

Cope with consumer protections that clearly go too far?

Why should Wall Street have to make such a concession?

After all, it’s not like they caused the Great Recession.

Big Business needs an advocate to protect it from this consumer tyranny.

Oh wait, they have one — It’s called the GOP.

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