Little Rachel

March 9th, 2012

Inspired by VA Gov. Bob McDonnell’s dismissive statement about Rachel Maddow


“See if you can get Little Rachel to set that up.” — VA Gov. Bob McDonnell in interview with Laura Ingraham


Dear Gov. McDonnell:


I realize “Little Rachel” is a women (and not only that, gay),

Which means she’s deserving of the derision you demonstrated today.


I realize she only works for lowly MSNBC,

Which should always be treated contemptuously.


Maybe that’s why you didn’t follow up and go

On the Little Rachel show.


I’m sure it’s not because your afraid,

And hence non-Fox interviewers evade.


So which is it, Little Bobby?

Are you afraid, or just snobby?


Here’s Rachel’s 3/09/12 intro, including an audio clip of McDonnell’s comment (she goes on to discuss climate change, energy, and environmental protection).

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