Liquored Up

April 21st, 2011

Inspired by Wisconsin Recall Fight Heats Up As Democrats Complain Of ‘Shots For Signatures’ Deals (Huffington Post 4/21/11) and Rachel Maddow’s report of the Wisconsin GOP use of free alcohol and other forms of deception to get people to sign recall petitions against Democrats as a counter-move to all the recall petitions that have been filed against them.

Wisconsin Repubs have figured out that it’s quicker

To get people to sign their petitions if you give them liquor.

Repubs haven’t filed any yet (two are almost done, they say).

Dems filed petitions to recall four Republicans, with more on the way.

Buying signatures with alcohol? The mind boggles!

(I guess it’s true what they say about whiskey goggles.)

But for the Wisconsin electorate, it’s now the morning after,

And they’ve now clearly seen what the Repubs were after.

They’ve also gotten a clear look at their true faces,

And they’re not the kind the electorate embraces.

So Wisconsin Republicans: Get ready for that walk of shame,

Because now that the State’s sobered up, it’s a whole new ballgame.


Here’s Rachel’s 4/21/11 report.

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Click here for more poems about the Wisconsin protests, to sign petitions, and, if you’re a Wisconsinite, to volunteer for the petition drive to recall the Republican Eight.

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