Liars and Goons

March 10th, 2011

Inspired by Wisconsin GOP Rams Through Union-Busting Measure; Thousands Storm Capitol (AlterNet 3/09/11), Goon-Squad Politics: How the Wisc. GOP Trampled Democracy to Appease Their Wealthy Backers (AlterNet 3/09/11), and Wis. vote voids bargaining rights (Washington Post 3/10/11). 


“When Wisconsin Republicans did an end run around Democrats on Wednesday night in order to pass a bill that would strip public employees of most of their collective bargaining rights, they showed themselves to be liars. This was supposed to be about balancing Wisconsin’s budget, remember? The collective bargaining rights revocation was all of a piece with an ironically named ‘Budget Repair Bill,’ and Gov. Scott Walker, darling of billionaire union-hater David Koch and his astroturf group, Americans For Prosperity, swore up and down that it was only the budget he cared about in this fight.” — AlterNet
“After stripping the bill of fiscal measures that require a 20-member quorum for action, the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate passed the collective-bargaining measure.” – Washington Post

What better example is there of GOP hypocrisy

Than Scott Walker and his Kochocracy?

He just wanted to balance the state budget, or such was his claim,

But his “Budget Repair Bill” had nothing to do with the budget but its name.

The unions quickly conceded to his budgetary diktat,

But when Walker demanded they give up their rights, they would not.

If he’d been telling the truth about his objectives,

He would have been elated with union agreement to his budetary directives.

It would have been a major political victory,

And Walker would have gone done in Republican history.

Instead, Walker pressed on to eliminate workers’ bargaining right,

And passed his union-busting bill in the dead of night.

But in doing the dirty work for his patron billionaire,

Walker says he wasn’t the one being unfair.

It was the Dems and the unions who so unreasonably resisted

Walker’s elimination of the reason the unions existed.

Repubs said all along collective bargaining was a budget matter,

And now they’re saying it’s not, and the budget doesn’t matter.

There’s nothing more to say in their defense:

It’s absurdly clear that the budget crisis was only a pretense.

Walker and his goons never really cared about the budget at all.

The only solution now: their total recall.


SIGN THIS PETITION to let Wisconsin workers know you stand with them, not Walker and his goons. For more petitions and the rest of our union protest poetry series, click here.

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