Let us pray

September 25th, 2009

Inspired by article “Muslim Prayers at Capitol Stir Protests” (9/25/09 Washington Post) about Religious Right opposition to the Muslim day of prayer on Capitol Hill this afternoon and “A Dangerous Kind of Hate” (Washington Post 9/12/09) about the pastor in Arizona praying for Obama to “die and go to Hell.”


I believe religion is a force for good.

But humans don’t always do what we should.


Instead, religion is often subverted,


And to bad things converted.


Religious principles can be confused,


And for other purposes used.


Doing God’s work

And acting in God’s name

Are not the same.


Preaching hatred is evil

(In fact it’s downright medieval).

Preaching violence is an abomination

Regardless of the preacher’s denomination.


Fellow liberals, I hope you see

Religion is not the enemy.

The enemy is fanaticism, ignorance, hatred, and fear

In whatever guise they appear.


Conservative Christians,

Don’t be afraid.

God hears prayers

Wherever prayed.


So by all means, let everybody pray

On Capitol Hill today.

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