Lemon Pledge Very Pretty

October 6th, 2010

A follow up to our earlier piece about another Republican Lemon Pledge, inspired by From ‘party of no’ to ‘party of stop’, The pledge in detail, The Foundering Fathers put forth a Pledge, Hooey from the GOP, Profiles in pandering: The phony fiscal rectitude of the GOP’s ‘Pledge to America’ (Washington Post 9/24/10), and Most GOP candidates avoid talking of pledge (Washington Post 10/06/10).

1968 Lemon Pledge commercial : “Lemon Pledge very pretty, puts a shine down lemon good…”

Announcer: “You’ll like brand new Lemon Pledge, the fresh clean way to get the beauty of waxing, with none of the work.”

The GOP has come out with their new pledge,

But the thing doesn’t do much more than hedge.

Like the aforementioned polish, it shines up the surface,

But in proposing anything substantive is remiss.

In politics, you can’t really solve problems with “none of the work,”

Though that belief seems to be a reoccurring GOP quirk.

Perhaps sensing that no real problems are addressed,

The general public isn’t impressed.

23% say the Pledge makes them more likely to vote GOP

(Probably GOP-leaning anyway, it seems to me).

29% said the Pledge makes them less likely to vote Repub,

Which means a net 6% more voters who the GOP snub.

So thanks, Prince Boehner, for your assistance

In strengthening the anti-GOP resistance.

Hopefully, GOP hopes will continue to fade

And Dems will turn that Lemon Pledge…

into lemonade.


Here’s your theme music, the classic 1968 Lemon Pledge commercial (the ditty was based on the then-popular song, Lemon Tree). Note: The full video includes part of an episode from the Hollywood Palace variety show and other commercials, but I’ve set the video to just play the Lemon Pledge commercial (unfortunately, they’re not even paying me for the plug). If you want to see more, just move the slider back and forth.


Here’s a video version of the Pledge from the Prince of Orange’s Youtube page for those who don’t like to read.

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