Legality’s Lethality

February 15th, 2014

Inspired by How To Make Sense Of The Michael Dunn Verdict ( 20:07).


Stand Your Ground’s questionable morality

Consists of the violence-inciting false legality

Of allowing gun owners to resort to lethality

When they perceive risk but there is none in actuality.


In a Stand-Your-Ground locality,

There’s a tragic statistical duality:

Victims suffer from much higher mortality

And homicide rates are a historical abnormality.


Sure, there’s a supposed standard of rationality,

But in many cases, that’s just a formality:

When so many whites share the same fearful mentality,

The innocent black boy becomes a fatality.


He’s viewed with impersonality

And his death, a triviality.

His killer sees stereotyped one-dimensionality,

Not our shared commonality.


Shoot-first liberality

Is already a reality.

We can’t let this bloody brutality




Here’s the verdict being read and Michael Dunn’s reaction to it. Dunn was found innocent of shooting and killing Jordan Davis thanks to Stand Your Ground, but found guilty of then continuing to shoot at the car with the surviving young men as they drove away trying to escape. If you agree that Stand Your Ground must be repealed, click here to sign the petition and send emails to the governors in each of the 26 states that have adopted it.

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