Leave My Wife Alone

November 26th, 2012

Inspired by Grover Norquist’s snide and revolting comment about Rep. Peter King’s wife. He’s not saying this, so I’ll say it for him.


“A pledge you signed 20 years ago, 18 years ago, is for that Congress. For instance, if I were in Congress in 1941, I would have supported a declaration of war against Japan. I’m not going to attack Japantoday.” – Rep. Peter King Sunday on Meet the Press
“The pledge is not for life, but everybody who signed the pledge including Peter King who tried to weasel out of it, shame on him as the New YorkSun said today. I hope his wife understands that commitments last a little longer than two years or something. – Grover Norquist’s response
“I hope his wife is more faithful to her commitments than he is to his.” – What that means


I’ve upheld your pledge for my entire political life,

And you have the gall to insult my wife?


Think you’re tough? Well, this is war.

Nobody calls my wife a whore!


Here’s Rep. King Sunday on Meet the Press.

Here’s Norquist’s response 11/26/12 on Piers Morgan.

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