Kudos Madame Speaker

March 28th, 2010

Inspired by A sweeping victory for Obama, Pelosi (WashingtonPost.com 3/22/10), Why did health-care reform pass? Nancy Pelosi was in charge, Why it took a woman to fix health care (Washington Post 3/28/10), this new book, and by you, Madame Speaker. 

“This wasn’t just another piece of legislation for Pelosi – this was the culmination of a crusade she has been waiting her entire career to reorder Washington’s priorities. Pelosi’s animating ambition has been to put so-called women’s and family issues such as health care, education and the welfare of children on the same level as homeland security, foreign relations and defense.” — Vince Bzdek (Washington Post 3/28/10)
“After we pass this bill, being a woman will no longer be a preexisting medical condition.” – Nancy Pelosi on the House floor before the final vote

Given Republicans’ unflagging attempts to thwart it,

Healthcare reform would have failed if Speaker Pelosi didn’t strongly support it.

She fought for it;

She gave a lot for it.

She worked hard for it;

She got scarred for it.

She battled

Without getting rattled.

She managed the legislative process skillfully,

And led House Dems strongly, but not willfully.

She was tough–

Not overly, but enough

(And sometimes tougher than Obama

Who remained aloof from much of the drama).

Republicans would prefer someone meeker,

And not as effective a Speaker.

She conceived and implemented a difficult plan.

Not bad for a woman

…Or a man.

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