April 5th, 2010

Bondagegate continues. As reported in Former PAC chairman fined by D.C. is hired as GOP fundraiser (Washington Post 4/05/10), the RNC has hired Neil Alpert to help with its fundraising as “special assistant for finance” to RNC Chair Michael Steele . In 2007, Alpert was sanctioned and fined by the DC Office of Campaign Finance for improperly spending $37,670 that was supposed to have gone to youth baseball programs for underprivileged kids. Seriously, Michael: Does that seem like the right guy to hire to help solve the RNC’s own improper expenditure problem

Things are getting worse and worse at the RNC

The organization is in trouble, it’s plain to see.

But the Man of Steele has the solution

To stop the RNC’s (and his) further persecution.

Since RNC staffer Allison Meyers was fired,

To avoid net job loss someone new must be hired.

So Steele hired Neil Alpert as his “special assistant for finance”

To address the spending inconsistencies that continue to advance.

The problem is that Alpert has a bad expenditure history,

So why Steele hired him remains a mystery.

He’s been fined by DC for improper reimbursements

And siphoning off underprivileged youth baseball disbursements.

Sorry, Man of Steele, but I think it’s a little bizarre,

That you’d hire someone caught dipping his hand in the candy jar.

There must be plenty of GOP grafters that haven’t yet been apprehended.

Hiring one of those it what I would have recommended.

In spite of your super-powers, do you think you just might

Be the GOP’s kryptonite?


Here’s Rachel’s 4/05/10 report on Neil Alpert and other RNC developments.

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Here’s what kryptonite does to the real Superman, as played by George Reeves in the old TV series Adventures of Superman (that’s the Superman that I and many other American s grew up with). I’ve set this episode to start at the kryptonite part, but you can also watch the whole episode from the beginning if you want.

Here’s your theme music for today, Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down, combined with scenes from Superman Returns, the very good 2006 remake of the original Christopher Reeve (may he rest in peace) Superman movie series (also check out the Superman animated series).

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