Knowing your left from your right

September 27th, 2009

President Obama has received almost as much criticism (though of course not as vitriolic and hateful) from the left as from the Right. His education proposals are under attack by unions (see for example “Unions Criticize Obama’s School Proposals as Bush III”, Washington Post 9/25/09), and liberals are criticizing his healthcare reform proposals as conceding too much to the Republicans. At the same time, the Right pillories him as a Socialist, or maybe a Fascist, or both.


Obama’s a socialist.

It’s well known.

Or maybe a fascist,

The Rightists intone.


But those two are opposites–

To the difference they’re blind.

Which one is he?

Please make up your mind!


From the Far Right, of ideas bereft

Even the Center is to your left.

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