Kill Bill Vol. 8 (or: No, You Can Not)

March 21st, 2010

Inspired by Boehner’s closing speech in opposition to the healthcare reform bill

Thank you, Minority Leader Boehner

(As always, still the complainer).

Until you reminded me I almost forgot,

That the GOP’s motto is “no, you can not.”

You’ve said it so many times before,

But tonight I guess you just had to say it some more.

You repeated that phrase again and again;

I know, now’s not the time, but if not now, when?

When you spoke you knew you’d already lost your battle,

So your purpose was just to rally the Republican cattle.

You wanted to make some pithy comments for them to remember

And set the stage for November.

You said you want to return comedy to the institution?

Your speech certainly made a big contribution.

(What’s that? It’s comity that you said you wanted to bring?

In that case, that’s a different thing.)

The bill will be the “last straw for the American people”?

Maybe that’s true, for you and your sheeple.

(Those who subsist on a diet of Fox News

Somehow end up sharing GOP views.)

But I have faith in the American public

And in the strength of our republic.

I believe that once they get a taste

They’ll figure out that the bill wasn’t a waste.

Am I right? I guess we’ll find out in November

When you mount your attack, the bill to dismember.

When the American people get to know the bill and find out they like it,

Will you still uphold your pledge to strike it?

So add this to the list of things you Republicans hate

(Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid).

If you want to try to repeal it, go ahead:

I think Republicans will be the ones out of jobs instead.

In spite of your criticism of the bill’s contents,

As Nancy said, it includes more than 200 GOP amendments.

That belies the GOP claim that you had no chance for input

(As they say, please open mouth, insert foot).

The GOP faithful heeded your call

And voted against the bill, one and all.

But it still wasn’t enough, in spite of your rant.

Kill the bill? Sorry, but no, you can’t.


Here are outtakes from Boehner’s stirring speech on the House floor, followed by Speaker Pelosi’s response. Props, Madame Speaker, for a job well done.

Here’s a video of Speaker Pelosi fighting off the Republicans’ last ditch effort to kill the bill. 


Oh, sorry, I got my videos mixed up. That last one was of course from Kill Bill Volume 1. Here’s the House immediately after passage of the reconciliation bill. Yes, America, we now have healthcare reform, pending the President’s signature (even if the Senate does not approve the reconciliation bill, Obama could still sign the Senate one).

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One Response to “Kill Bill Vol. 8 (or: No, You Can Not)”

  1. Flyer0731 Says:

    This was one of your best. I hope the “No, You Can’t” and the frequent chanting of “No!” by the gathered Republicans will be played again and again in the Fall campaigns, reminding the American People what the alternative is to President Obama’s resounding “Yes, We Can !”

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