Kill Bill Vol. 7 (or, The Final Scene?)

January 23rd, 2010

Inspired by the final scene from Kill Bill 2 (watch it below) and by Ezra Klein’s interview with Rep. John Dingell, the “Dean of the House” and one of healthcare reform’s strongest (and longest) supporters. Dingell is 83 years old and has been in the House for 55 years, occupying the seat that his father held, and from which Dingell’s father introduced Congress’s first national healthcare bill ever.

     What perplexed me about Kill Bill’s final scene

Is that after all the hype, Bill didn’t seem all that mean.

     Sure, he’d tried to kill the Bride,

And had made her think her daughter had died.

     But what couple hasn’t experienced a bitter dispute?

(Although usually not with a resolution so acute.)

     It seemed to me that they could still try get along each other

And their daughter would be better off with both a father and a mother.

     Similarly, Dems and the GOP should be able to work things out.

After all, that’s what living together is all about.

     In theory, both parties have something to offer the country in their care,

If they could just stop trying to kill each other and help with the repair.

     If Republicans (and some Dems) would just stop posturing and do what makes sense,

We wouldn’t have to put up with all this political nonsense.

     So come on you two, swallow your pride:

After all, justice continually delayed is justice denied.

     No, the Bill isn’t perfect, but it’s better than the status quo,

And we can’t afford back to the drawing board to go.

     And when the dust finally settles, the American people will see

That the bill isn’t nearly as bad as it was hyped up to be.

     PS: If it turns out that killing is really all you can do,

Then be ready for the Dems to use the Pai Mei five-point-palm-exploding-heart-technique on you.


Here’s that final scene.

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