Kill Bill Vol. 6 (Revenge of the Left)

December 19th, 2009

Inspired by Howard Dean’s letter to the Washington Post (12/17/09) and Rachel Maddow’s “Kill Bill” report (12/17/09) (watch the video below).

     The GOP’s continued attempts to kill healthcare reform coincide,

With a similar attack from the Liberal side.

It’s unexpected to find agreement between

Michelle Bachman and Howard Dean.

     Is healthcare reform no longer worth doing?

Should erstwhile reform fans now start booing?

I agree that the Senate concessions are depressing

And that the Senate bills flaws require addressing.

     The House bill wasn’t perfect either (see my post about Stupak above):

GOP attempts to kill it and the amendments to “improve” it run hand in glove.

But I disagree that these faults on Obama should be blamed

As some Liberal critics (and many Republicans) have claimed.

     Till now, Obama has been able to have only indirect impact

As the House and the Senate have worked bills to enact.

After (if) the Senate bill passes, that’s when he’ll have his chance

To (hopefully) take a much stronger stance.

     And Rachel, not that I want your bubble to burst,

But the Kill Bill thing: I thought of it first.

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