Kill Bill Vol. 5 (or, the Running Blue Dogs of Big Health)

December 10th, 2009

Inspired by “Senate Democrats largely support health-care deal that drops public option” (Washington Post 12/10/09) and Keith Olbermann’s 11/03/09 report on Democrats on Democrats (starting at 3”45) who have received significant campaign contributions from Big Health.


When I walk my dog, he loves to sniff

Whenever a new scent wafts by, he takes a whiff.

But there’s no smell that he thinks is beyond

Improvement by being pissed on.


When we go out, I take a bag for poop.

I follow behind our dog and scoop.

(I don’t know why some animal rightists think owning pets demeans ‘em.

After all, I’m the one cleaning up after him.)


When he’s safe from supervisory eyes

He sometimes leaves us a little surprise.

We come home to find something nasty on the floor

That wasn’t previously there before.


Our dog loves the neighbors down the street

Because they always give him a treat.

Sometimes it even appears to be

Than he likes them better than me.


Sometimes If he sees a squirrel or a bird,

From chasing it he must be deterred.

That’s when I assert my leadership role

(Otherwise, he’ll get out of control).


And sometimes our otherwise sweet little pup

Gets hold of something he shouldn‘t and chews it up.

He chews anything he finds on the ground,

So we have to be careful to not leave things lying around.


Similarly, the Running (Blue) Dogs of Big Health,

By hook, or crook, or stealth,

Have sought to kill or water down

Provisions that made their masters frown.


On a daily basis they’d deposit a mess

That someone else then had to address.

It’s not a pleasant job when you have to stoop

To clean up somebody else’s poop.


And sometimes they too would drop a little surprise

In the form of attempts, the bill to revise.

Sometimes you don’t see them in advance, and by the time you do

You’ve got crap all over your shoe.


They got hold of many of reform’s benefits

And then carefully chewed them all to bits

And though the cases of this are ample,

The public option is the prime example.


But most important, we need to remind

Blue Dogs that reform have undermined,

That in spite of the treats, Big Health isn’t their master

The American Public is, and defeat would be a disaster.


You know, in spite of all his minor flaws,

We love our dog and wouldn’t trade him for any cause.

Whether the same is true for the Blue Dogs in Congress

How they vote and the next election will assess.


Read the full “Kill Bill” series here, check out the DVDs for Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2 in our Amazon store.

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