Kill Bill Vol. 4 (or, Death of a Thousand Cuts)

December 9th, 2009

Inspired by GOP Senator Pens Obstruction Manual For Health Care (Huffington Post 12/02/09; download a copy of the “Obstruction Manual” here) and watch the video below of Jon Stewart’s Dec. 7 report on Senate Republicans’ stalling.


Republican Judd Gregg from New Hampshire

Is doing his best to ensure

That the healthcare bill never gets passed

(Or at least, not very fast).


Sen. Gregg has written an instruction manual

For Senate Republicans to slow progress to a crawl.

If possible, they’ll completely stop it

(Every day of delay means extra millions in profit).


Of course, it was just a few years ago

(As reported by the Daily Show)

That Gregg condemned Senate delaying tactics

And those that practiced them as a bunch of dicks.


Now that the shoe is on the other foot,

He wants to put off the day when the question is put.

Sen. Gregg, if you were honest you’d have to admit,

You’re nothing but a hypocrite.


Read the full “Kill Bill” series here, and check out the DVDs for Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2 in our Amazon store.

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