Kill Bill Vol. 3 (or, Under Lord Nelson’s Command)

December 8th, 2009

Yes, Quentin Tarantino has announced that there is indeed going to be a Kill Bill 3, and a Kill Bill 4, and who knows, maybe more Kill Bills after that. And we can be even more sure that there will be more attempts to kill the healthcare bill as well. As reported in “Senate pushes ahead on long-term care program” (Washington Post 12/05/09), Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb), a “Blue Dog” Democrat whose support for healthcare reform Majority Leader Reid has been avidly courting, has announced that he won’t vote for the package if it allows continuation of the CLASS Act program (see discussion of that in our earlier post). He’d previously said he won’t support it if it includes a public option, or if does not include abortion restrictions. What’s next? Will he be announcing that he won’t support healthcare reform bill because someone cut him off in traffic on way to work.


Senator Ben

Is at it again.


He’s got a long list of conditions

To support Healthcare reform.

And in spite of all the concessions,

His support is still not even lukewarm.


Nelson keeps on issuing press releases

Listing his demands.

He’s had Sen. Majority Leader Reid

Jumping at his commands.


He started out by opposing the public option,

Saying that it shouldn’t even be an option.

He changed his mind after he said he’d reconsider

(Maybe he sold out to a higher bidder).


But it seems Nelson’s just begun–

Last Friday he added a new one.

He now says he’ll join in the kill

If the CLASS Act is included in the final bill.


Maybe CLASS isn’t perfect,

But the answer to that isn’t to remove it.

Instead of killing CLASS (or the whole bill),

Why not just try to improve it?


Nelson also engaged in political extortion

On the contentious issue of abortion.

He attempted to the bill to attach

An amendment co-sponsored with Senator Hatch.


The bill already excludes Federal funds from abortion coverage,

But Nelson’s amendment women’s rights would further abridge.

It mirrored the House version by Stupak,

But thankfully, it was beaten back.


Nelson’s opposition isn’t surprising–he was an insurance executive,

And his supporters have been generous in the money that they give.

Nelson boasts that Nebraska is the world’s insurance capital,

So any claim that he’s cares about regular Americans is just a bunch of bull.


Senator, you claim you’re a Democrat,

But your actions make me question that.

Of course, I don’t want to be premature:

When the final vote comes, we’ll know for sure.


Read the full “Kill Bill” series here, and check out the DVDs for Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2 in our Amazon store. And watch the Youtube video below showing (at the 3” mark) Sen. Nelson’s meeting with Senator Snowe (a Republican, but more supportive on healthcare than Nelson, which I guess he doesn’t appreciate).

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