Kill Bill Vol. 2 (or, the Escape Hatch)

December 7th, 2009

The second in our Kill Bill series (read the earlier one here), inspired by MEDICARE vs. MEDICARE ADVANTAGE (Washington Post 9/24/09), ‘Medicare Advantage’ at Issue in Senate (New York Times 12/04/09), and the attempt Friday by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to kill (or at least wound) the healthcare reform bill by stripping away $120 billion in savings, increasing the bill’s price tag and make it more difficult to pass.


The aptly named program Medicare Advantage

(Because to insurance companies it provides an advantage)

Is one giant subsidy machine

(The amounts involved are truly obscene).


Medicare Advantage gives little additional value to retirees,

But big payoffs to insurance companies.

That makes it the ideal program for a Republican

(They can expand it if they get the majority again).


Medicare Advantage (or “MA” for short)

Hasn’t lived up to its initial purport.

It was originally created to save the government money,

But instead it costs more. Now isn’t that funny?


Who pays for it all –  we taxpayers, you and me–

14% more than regular Medicare for each enrollee.

Corporate admin costs are much higher, and they make money off it

(You can’t blame insurance companies for wanting a hefty profit).


Republicans like to cut welfare,

But they don’t seem to mind

Spending taxpayer dollars

For the corporate kind.


But Dems disagree and proposed MA be shaved

So that the money that they then saved

Could be used to fund healthcare reform

And the healthcare insurance sector transform.


But healthcare foes continued to harass

As they tried to do with CLASS.

They figured the more costs they could amass

The harder the bill would be to pass.


Dems saved $120 billion, but Republicans protested,

And Sen. Hatch the action contested.

He proposed an amendment to escape the cut,

But Dems his amendment did rebut.


So Hatch’s plan to protect corporate greed

And escape the Dems’ cost-saving didn’t succeed.

Unfortunately, I’m sure they will

Try again to kill the bill.


What happens next?

We’ll have to wait and see.

You can find out

In Kill Bill 3.


Speaking of escape attempts, here’s Uma’s successful one from Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Here’s the White House press briefing 8/18/09 about the need for cost saving measures in the Medicare Advantage program (beginning at 31”09), plus a bonus discussion about the public option.

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