Ken Pol (or: Part-Time Work, Full-Time Pay, Full-Time Politics)

December 8th, 2011

Inspired by The two faces of Ken Cuccinelli: Virginia’s attorney general is also a candidate for governor. He shouldn’t be both (Washington Post 12/08/11, page A22) and Politicizing the AG’s Office (ProgressVA12/08/11).

“The people of Virginia trusted me to be their attorney general, and I intend to give them their full four years.” – Ken Cuccinelli, explaining to his staff that he wouldn’t resign his AG position in order to run for governor, as VA attorney generals traditionally have in the past


Back when he was a partisan politician

Campaigning for his current position,

Ken Cuccinelli did repeatedly affirm

That he’d run for AG for a second term.


Now when push has come to shove,

He’s decided to run for VA gov.

He’s also made the self-serving decision

To break with a long-standing VA tradition.


In the last 60 years, 11 AGs did what Ken plans to do

By running for VA governor too.

All but one resigned their AG positions

In order to pursue their gubernatorial ambitions.


The one who didn’t (a Republican, you know)

Ran for VA gov. thirty years ago.

Even he had the decency to take a 50% pay cut,

The criticism of full-time pay for part-work to rebut.


Ken’s predecessor as AG and current Governor Bob

Resigned to pursue the governor’s job.

Is Ken saying that what his boss did was wrong

And that Cuccinelli meant tobreak his promise all along?


Ken claims his AG job will be prioritized,

But given his history, should we be surprised?

One thing Cuccinelli has made abundantly clear:

He’ll always prioritize his political career.


Yes Ken, the people of Virginia trusted you

To do what you promised you’d do.

You said you’d do your best to serve two terms as AG–

So much for that guarantee.


Your decision is made even more hypocritical

Since the AG’s office isn’t supposed to be political.

You’ve already been politicizing the office before,

And concurrently running for governor will do so even more.


But it’s one thing to break a promise to run for reelection,

And another to be guilty of Virginia precedent’s rejection.

You now say you want to give Virginia “four full years,”

But full doesn’t mean full-time, it appears.



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