Just Say No to No

October 4th, 2010

The GOP believes their “Just Say No” strategy is succeeding,

And the Dems are on the run (stampeding).

The only way Dems can beat that is to prove that they’re wrong,

And force the GOP to chose leadership willing to try to get along.

I know that the liklihood of such a conversion seems remote,

But that alone is more than enough reason to get out and vote.

If Republicans see that their “Just Say No” strategy is a fail,

Maybe they’ll stop trying, every piece of legislation to derail.

But even if their conversion is not thereby hastened,

At least they in defeat would be suitably chastened.

Or, we could just give up and let them take over.

In which case, dear reader, the time for hope and change will be over.

So Dems, get out there this November and close that enthusiasm gap,

And pray that America doesn’t again fall into their trap.

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