Just Like Being President

June 23rd, 2010

A follow-up to my earlier McChrystal posts, inspired by Being president is ‘just like’ my job (Raw Story 6/23/10) and the reports below.

Rick Sanchez says field generals should be held to the same standard as teenage boys

Down in the basement making a little innocent noise.

Sorry Rick, but the Uniform Code doesn’t apply to civilian teens.

As General Petraeus might say: “Tell it to the Marines.”

But in embarrassing yourself, you’re just a beginner

Compared to today’s “Worst Persons” winner.

Kvetchin Carlson on Fox & Friends says her job is “just like” being President.

Sorry Miss America, but I have to dissent.

Not only are you far from the Free World’s leader:

Wikipedia refers to you not as anchor but as “co-host and headline reader.”

Gretchen, I have to say, I just don’t know

How it is you have your own show.

Today’s performance your normal idiocy transcends.

Keep it up, and you soon won’t have any friends.


Here’s Jon Stewart’s 6/23/10 report, including clips of Rick Sanchez’s and Gretchen Carlson’s statements.

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Here’s Keith’s 6/23/10 “Worst Person” comment (Gretchen wins).

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s more of the Fox & Friends discussion.

And here’s your theme music for today, Friends and Liars from the album Adrian for President by Adrian and the Sickness.

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