Just Bad Isn’t Bad Enough

January 18th, 2012

Might Republicans actually want our infrastructure to deteriorate… so their cronies can privatize it?


Republicans want our infrastructure to go to hell,

Since that will help them their privatization plans sell.


The more they repair and re-investment chop,

The harder it will be, their privatization plan to stop.


The bigger the infrastructure funding gap,

The more America falls into their trap.


They want to make things so bad that there’s no longer a choice

But to in their privatization plan rejoice.


Collapsing bridges, burst pipes, and deteriorating roads

The case for public ownership erodes.


They just need to hold out a little longer

So their national political position is a little stronger.


If Repubs win in November, expect a concerted push

For privatization beyond anything ever proposed by Bush.


Repubs and Fox News will suddenly ascertain

That our infrastructure’s gone down the drain.


They’ll decide something drastic needs to be done, and fast,

So they’ll move quickly to get a privatization bill passed.


If they’re lucky, another bridge will collapse,

Preferably in a Democrat state, with people dying, perhaps.


(That would be their excuse, like the 9-11 attack

Furnished for Bush’s invasion of Iraq.)


Then they can more easily get away

With giving America’s infrastructure away.


Texas is a perfect example of the Republican plan, and America’s future (read You Can Bank on It for an example of that).

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