Joe Wilson is a hypocrite

September 27th, 2009

Inspired by “Wilson Says Democrats Not Following Rules” (Washington Post 9/26/09). For more about our favorite South Carolinean, click on the “Joe Wilson” tag.


Joe Wilson has come up with another one of his jewels.

He now says the Democrats aren’t following the rules!

That’s pretty ironic coming from him,

Just censured for flouting House rules of decorum.


The rules he says the Dems did break

Are practices in which he did fully partake

When the GOP was in the majority…

And I have it on good authority.


As the GOP Congress’s own research service reported

Congress’s rules were increasingly thwarted

By the GOP when it was in power

(their model for “bipartisanship” was agent Jack Bauer).


And now, Joe Wilson, you condemn

That they’re doing (a little) to you what you did (a lot) to them?

But regardless of the matter of degree,

That’s what’s called hypocrisy.

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