Job-Killing Republicans

March 1st, 2011

A follow-up to So Be It, inspired by GOP spending plan would cost 700,000 jobs, new report says ( 2/28/11) and Rachel’s report below.

During the mid-terms, the GOP said they were all about job creation.

Now, they seem to be bent on job eradication.

Over a million lost jobs and up to 2 percentage points lower economic growth?

So much for the Republican job creation oath.

Perhaps we got the wrong impression

When Repubs said don’t let tax cuts for the rich expire due to the recession.

It turns out they don’t care if growth is stunted

Now that they got

What they really wanted.


Here’s Rachel’s 2/28/11 report on the GOP’s job-killing policies. Rachel cites the various estimates of job loss and reduced economic growth that I refer to, one of which is also cited in the Post article above.

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