Jindal’s Swindle

October 8th, 2009

Inspired by “A Conservative Case for Reform” (Bobby Jindal, Washington Post 10/05/09) and “Bobby Jindal Embraces the Democratic Plan for Health-Care Reform” (WashingtonPost.com 10/06/09 12:02 pm). And check out the videos below.


I read your article in the Post

I which you try to come across with moderation.

But what I think you’re really trying

Is to rebuild your reputation.


Things didn’t look good after your response

To Obama’s State of the Union message.

Your Presidential prospects would be improved

By the Jindal Healthcare Bill’s passage.


But I’m afraid that your article

Won’t restore your former glory.

That’s hard after your February performance

(your entrance reminded me of Peter Lorre).


Republicans had their chance to lead

And for 8 years they blew it.

We don’t need any more Republican “leadership” —

We’ve already been through it.


Ya’ll should be constructive for a change,

Or try cooperation.

Give up something to get something

(That’s called negotiation).


You deride long healthcare bills

As if detail is disadvantageous.

But it’s hard to reform 1/6 of the economy

In less than a thousand pages.


“Forcing people into a government run system”?

Can you say bugbear?

That means trying to get people to be afraid

Of things that haven’t been proposed and aren’t there.


You did include some good stuff

But the Dems have already proposed it.

And wouldn’t you know, when they did,

Republicans opposed it.


One thing you were right about—

Republicans haven’t joined the battle of ideas.

But your plan doesn’t offer any new ones,

Just empty panaceas.


Voluntary purchasing pools—

Sounds like cooperatives to me.

Portability, electronic medical records, refundable tax credits, and extended youth coverage:

Dems support them vociferously.


Coverage of pre-existing conditions?

First you say require, then “incentivize.”

Which is it?

Please make clear what you advise.


Your reference to best practices

Sounds just like what Obama suggested.

But when he did,

Republicans protested.


Health Savings Accounts? Bush fell far short of his goals,

Just never able to get many people on the rolls.

How Republican to try once more

Things that haven’t worked before.


Healthy lifestyle choices as Sen. Ensign proposed

And Dems supported happily.

Too bad Ensign’s own lifestyle choices

Haven’t been quite so healthy.


I do agree on tort reform,

As I did previously say.

But it’s not as big a cost driver

As you incorrectly portray.


“Democrats have to give up on their grand experiment

and get serious about bipartisan solutions.”

In other words, drop everything Republicans don’t like

Any get back to healthcare industry collusion.


That’s really the crux of your proposal,

Not one of construction, but one of disposal.

It’s more instructive what you leave out —

That’s really what your plan is all about.


And what do you mean “the people don’t want it”?

Support is growing, and you can’t stunt it.

57% say healthcare reform is more important than ever

(Republicans can’t block it forever).


Gov. Jindal,

Your reform plan’s a swindle.

Still, I do appreciate

Your call for Republicans to participate.


Here’s Jindal’s full speech.


Here’s Jindall’s creepy entrance (with an off-mike comment by Chris Matthews).


Here’s Peter Lorre in the classic movie The Maltese Falcon (note his entry into the room).

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