Jack the Ripper

January 26th, 2010

Inspired by the Democratic Underground poll Who REALLY Was Jack the Ripper?, and by today’s Republican Party in which his spirit lives on.

If Jack the Ripper were alive today

And living in the USA,

He’d be the new GOP standard bearer,

Criticizing Dems for being soft on crime and terror.

     He’d criticize the Dems for “allowing” the murder rate to go up,

Even though he himself was the one who cut those people up.

He’d criticize the Dems for not enacting tough new anti-crime laws

While he in the Senate blocked them due to fabricated flaws.

     So American People, don’t fall for these GOP lies

About how Obama’s really a fascio-socialist wolf in (black) sheep’s guise,

And how only Republican policies can save the day,

When they’re the ones that made things this way.

     Obama doesn’t care about you and me?

Obama hasn’t focused on the economy?

He pushed a trillion dollar stimulus bill through

Without a single Republican vote to help me and you.

     The Republican solution was to cut taxes for the rich,

And they oppose Obama’s bank bailout repayment tax, PABACS-A-BITC.

So Republicans, don’t tell me you’re the ones protecting the average guy,

Which your policies for the last eight years completely deny.

     Yes, given Jack’s pechant to dismember

Is there any question the party of which he’d be a member?

And you can bet he’d be the one giving the GOP response alright

To the President’s State of the Union Message tomorrow night.


If you’re not in the mood for a book, check out this movie about Jack the Ripper. This is the best one I’ve seen, starring Klaus Kinski (he excels at playing madmen).

Obama made the same point I try to make above (if more diplomatically) in his Town Hall speech and Q&A session in Ohio. Watch the complete video below.

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