I’ve Been Unfair

July 7th, 2012


I’ve been unfair in my blog in blaming the last 1.5 years of obstruction on the GOP.


Sure, they’re partially at fault. But a large share of the blame also goes to…


American voters.


Yes, you.


You knew that the recession was Bush’s fault.

You knew the GOP had been obstructing President Obama’s policies.

You knew the GOP had been taken over by irresponsible extremists.


You knew all that, but still you voted Republican,

Or didn’t vote

(It’s the same thing).


You voted against additional measures to create jobs.

You voted against a balanced plan to reform entitlements and reduce the deficit.

You voted against funds to keep more teachers, cops, and firefighters from being fired.


You voted for cuts in road repair and infrastructure investment.

You voted for partisan gridlock.

You voted for 8.2% employment.




Please, don’t make the same mistake again.


Here’s Up’s 7/07/12 panel discussion on who’s to blame for the conintuing economic recession.

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