It’s Hot

July 7th, 2010

As reported in The nation sizzles ( 7/07/10 6:02 am), Brutal heat wave hits day 3 of near 100 ( 7/07/10), and Hot, hot, hot enough for you? D.C. region sweats out a triple-digit heat wave (Washington Post 7/07/10), the thermometer hit 105 yesterday (in Baltimore), and topped 100 for much of the East Coast. The heat wave will continue today.

The East Coast is boiling,

Republicans’ case against global warming spoiling.

DC yesterday was 102,

Which with the humidity made the city a stew.

That’s one degree short of the 1999 record,

Which shows that climate change deniers’ claims are absurd.

(It’ll hit 102 again today, an extremely high rate

That beats the 101 record set in 1988.)

Baltimore was 105 (not a good sign),

Demolishing the 101 record set in 1999.

Allentown hit 100, tying the 1999 record,

But still warming deniers continue undeterred.

Republicans continue to block climate change legislation,

Opting instead for continued lies and misinformation.

They thought they had a winner with “Climategate,”

But independent investigators deniers’ claims completely negate.

But deniers like Inhofe aren’t by science or facts deterred

In their goal that climate change action be permanently deferred.

He stands by his 2007 “report” on the “over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims”

(A sloppy and misleading collection of random names).

Republicans and others in the denier faction

Continue to oppose any climate change action.

But like the commercial says, we need to “just do it.”

Otherwise, enjoy the heat… and get used to it.


Here’s your theme music, Heat Wave by Martha and the Vandellas.


Here’s Senator Inhofe claiming that deniers have already won the battle on climate change, and that climate change scientists and those who believe in the need for action should “get a life.”


Here’s Inhofe (prior to the independent study results) on Fox News crowing about how he’s been vindicated. Notice how fair and balanced the interview is? (I particularly liked the snide comments about President Obama playing golf and Al Gore.)

Here’s a summary of the GOP position on global warming, presented by its most articulate advocate.


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