It’s Disgusting

May 4th, 2011

Inspired (in a bad way) by Glenn Beck’s criticism of the President’s trip to Ground Zero.


“President Obama is going to visit Ground Zero… This is the first visit to Ground Zero that Obama has made since he was a candidate. What is the occasion other than UBL? Is it just to sop up some more glory and take a victory lap? It’s disgusting.” – Glenn Beck


A “victory lap” wouldn’t be uncalled for, given what Obama accomplished

(Especially when you compare that to George Bush’s “MissionAccomplished”).


Of course, the crazy right hates Obama so much (extremely),

That any recognition of success is unseemly.


But you’re right, Glenn, that the phrase “it’s disgusting” applies:

It’s disgusting how you and others criticize.


It’s disgusting how you attack Obama at every opportunity,

From which Bush (disgustingly) enjoyed immunity.


It’s disgusting how you and your apparatchiki lie

And your ever-changing standards selectively apply.


It’s disgusting how when Repubs do something it’s good and patriotic,

But when Dems do the same thing (or less), it’s evil and/or idiotic.


If he’d released the pictures, would you have started critiquing

Obama’s disgusting glory and trophy seeking?


Would you have been ecstatic if the mission had failed

So you could have over an even greater enemy prevailed?


That would have given you the chance, for Obama’s impeachment to call.

And that un-American hatred is the most disgusting of all.


Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s report and comment on the right wing’s quick pivot back to attacking Obama after Bin Laden’s death.

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