It’s Alive!

October 31st, 2009

Part 2 in our Happy Halloween quartet. Inspired by the excellent trend demonstrated by this series of articles:

  1. Senate Panel Rejects Public Option” (Washington Post 10/01/09)
  2. Poll: majority now supports public health insurance option” ( 10/19/09 17:00)
  3. “Public option gains support” (Washington Post 10/20/09)
  4. Pelosi To Dems: Time To Take A Stand On Public Option” (Huffington Post 10/21/09)
  5. “Lawmakers warm to the public option” (Washington Post 10/23/09)
  6. “Prognosis improves for public insurance” (Washington Post 10/24/09)
  7. “New life for the public option” (Washington Post 10/25/09)
  8. “Support for the Public Option Keeps Getting Stronger”(Huffington Post 10/26/09).
  9. “Don’t Bother Waiting for Bloggers to Get Credit for the Public Option” (Huffington Post 10/27/09)
  10. House health-care reform bill includes public option” (Washington Post 10/29/09)

Nice, eh? Also watch Jon Stewart’s 10/28/09 piece on healthcare reform and Stephen Colbert’s 10/29/09 Halloween Threatdown, with a piece on the resurrection of the public option at the end. Also watch the ad below, and SIGN THE PETITON below to support a public option.

Once thought dead, the public option rises from the grave

Thanks to all the liberals that worked real reform to save.

Republicans and Blue Dogs thought they’d killed it.

But it’s back, because Liberals willed it.

All hale the public option’s re-animation,

Subject of much right-wing demonization,

Pilloried as a socialist abomination,

The specter of healthcare nationalization.

A giant monster blob that would grow and expand

Until it finally covered the entire land,

Cutting through healthcare a destructive swathe

Destroying everything in its path.

To allow the PO would be an atrocity,

So conservatives tried to kill it in committee.

They thought didn’t have a ghost of chance

(In fact they did kill it in the Senate Finance).

They thought the demon had been exorcised.

But the truth was not as they’d surmised.

As always happens in horror cinema,

The “monster” rises up again (at least once, minima).

But the horrors portrayed were only fictitious.

In spite of all those lies malicious

And after some strong advocation,

The PO’s finally getting some appreciation.

John Boehner hasn’t met “anyone” who supports the public option, he said before.

Mr. Minority Leader, you really need to get out more.

Support for the public option is now at 57 percent

(That’s what happens when you the real facts present).

But to Big Health, the PO remains a terrifying monster

(That’s why they anti-PO activities sponsor).

After having a monopoly for years,

Competition is The Thing Big Health fears.

If you’re a Big Health millionaire,

The Public Option is your worst nightmare

You’ll do all you can to stop It

Or else it might reduce your profit.

Big Health has made it their mission

To do all they can to stop competition.

They like sucking the public’s blood,

So it’s crucial that they turn the PO into a dud.

Public options aren’t alien; we have them everywhere,

So how can opponents say that they’re not fair?

For retirement, both private and public pensions exist.

For mailing things, USPS, UPS, and FedEx co-exist.

In education, public and private schools thrive,

And Medicare/Medicaid keeps millions alive.

Don’t the rest of you

Deserve a public option too?

Why in Florida in 2005,

Gov. Jeb Bush (son 2) did contrive

To create a homeowners insurance public insurance option.

And how many Republicans protested? None.

Aren’t you rooting for the public option? I am,

But then who could not root for Heather Graham?

She reminds me a little of the woman in that Nike commercial

Who outruns the serial killer (of course, he’s less controversial).

As pointed out by the Huffington Post,

It’s liberal bloggers who helped the most.

They didn’t to the Right’s ploys succumb.

So America, on our behalf, you’re welcome.

And for those of you who remain conservatively devout,

Just opt out.


Sign the petition to support a public option.

or, Create a Petition

 Here’s Stephen Colbert’s piece.

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Here’s Jon Stewart’s piece.

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 Here’s MoveOn’s ad (with Heather).

Here’s the Nike commercial.

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