It’s a Trick

December 14th, 2010

A follow up to my earlier piece about the Fox News audience, Glenn’s Gold, inspired by Swindle of the year (Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post 12/10/10).

Charles Krauthammer has written an article, the tax deal slamming.

Of all the criticisms a conservative can make, it’s the most damning.

Krauthammer argues that the tax deal is a swindle.

(Click here to read his article, or download it to your Kindle.)

The reason “it’s a trick” such a devastating criticism presents

Is because it plays on Teabagger lack of self-confidence.

Teabaggers fear they don’t know enough to keep from being fooled

(Maybe it’s because so many of them are home-schooled).

(Or, maybe it’s because they’re made distraught

By application of facts, logic, and rational thought.)

For educated liberals this criticism would be a non-starter,

But Teabaggers constantly worry their opponents are smarter.

They worry that Obama will use his book learnin’ and fancy degree

To take advantage of Republican stupidity.

Deep down Teabaggers realize they can’t figure things out on their own,

And being reminded of that is the one thing they can’t condone.

That’s why Teabagger pols constantly praise good old common sense–

To shore up their followers’ lack of self confidence.

Teabaggers need someone to tell them what to believe,

And they invariably turn to Fox and the baggersphere, this wisdom to receive.

So when a conservative commentator says they’re getting the wool pulled over their eyes,

He plays on the lack of self-confidence that statement implies.

Krauthammer’s only telling Teabaggers what they already dread.

Their reaction: lash out, and complain about being misled.

Teabaggers: your fear of being fooled is well-founded.

Unfortunately, watching Fox just makes the problem compounded.

Obama and the Dems aren’t the ones trying to trick you:

It’s Fox News, special interests, and the GOP trying to stick it to you.

And though I know the concept seems strange,

Try switching networks and reading a newspaper for a change.


Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s 12/14/10 report and panel discussion on the reaction to Krauthammer’s article. I think the panel discussion gets it right (we won’t know for a while who won), with the exception of John Fund, who tries to put words in Obama’s mouth. He suggests that Obama has finally realized that tax cuts are better stimulus than spending. I think Obama just realized that this was the only stimulus that is politically possible.


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