It’ll Never Be Enough

July 17th, 2012

Inspired by With or without tax return release, pressure on Romney ramps up from both sides ( 7/17/12). 


“It’ll never be enough. If you release 10, they’ll want 20. If you release 20, they’ll want 25, and whatever’s in there will be open to their distortions and their dishonest attacks.” – Romney senior advisor Kevin Madden and other Romney apologists


“It’ll never be enough” is a strange excuse

To not quell accusations of tax abuse.


“If you release 10, they’ll want 20. if you release 20, they’ll want 25”–

Dems would just keep upping the ante to keep the issue alive.

(Perhaps Romney thinks so because that’s what he would do,

And therefore assumes that Obama would too.)


But there’s any easy way to ease your concerns

About releasing more of Mitt’s secret returns:

Release 12 years, like Obama, and I’ll act as guarantor

That his campaign won’t ask for a single year more.


Then, if as your campaign allegedly fears,

Obama criticizes you for not releasing more years,

I will personally join you in being critical

Of the Obama campaign for being hypocritical.


And not only will I that position in my blog promote:

I will also personally give Mitt my vote.

So you’ll gain not only a supporter, but also the chance to shake things up,

Attacking Obama for something he actually did instead of having to make things up.


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