It Couldn’t Be Ann…Or Could It?

September 18th, 2012

A follow-up to Contempt, inspired by Mitt Romney’s secret fundraising video and other recent gaffes.


Mitt and his supporters are working to ascertain

Who’s leaking all those internal attacks from the Romney campaign


Should they be casting their net even wider?

What if the leaked secret video was from a real insider?


Who is it trying to keep Mitt from being elected?

Isn’t it always the person you least expected?


Who’d have the access and moxie to carry out such a plan?

Could it just possibly have been Mitt’s wife Ann?


If you think about it, the evidence is clear.

Why else would Ann not even once in that secret video appear?


Why would Ann be working so hard, the campaign to disgrace?

She’s obviously dissatisfied with Mitt’s ineptitude, and wants to take his place.


Mitt may have finally made one too many gaffe.

And who better to replace him than his better half?


And for anyone who’s seen them perform side-by-side,

Ann’s superior likeability and humanity can’t be denied.


Will the party take action if Mitt’s campaign continues to decline?

(On the plus side, they wouldn’t even have to change the sign.)


Here’s your theme music, It Couldn’t Be Ann from the excellent movie Bandwagon.


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