January 8th, 2010

Inspired by Mrs. Kramer Vs. Mrs. Kramer (Newsweek 12/06/08) and In a custody battle between two mommies, a little girl is lost (Washington Post 1/08/10).

     Poor 7-year old Isabella.

If your “other” mommy were a fella’

Then you wouldn’t be going through

The things that now are happening to you.

     Vermont allows gay civil union,

So in 2000, Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins moved there to get one.

Two years later, they had Isabella, but then split after one-and-a-half years.

Miller (the biological mom) was given custody (a rule to which VT for both gays and straights adheres).

     Miller took Isabella back to VA,

Was “born again” and decided she was no longer gay.

Not only that, she decided homosexuality was a perversion.

Was wanting sole custody a factor in her conversion?

     After that, Miller kept Isabella away when Jenkins visited.

Vermont awarded Jenkins custody due to the infraction Miller committed.

The VA courts joined in, and ordered Miller to hand over the child.

Miller took Isabella and went into hiding (an outlaw-hero, self-styled).

     To Virginia’s credit, they recognized Jenkins’ visitation right,

So legal discrimination is not the cause of Jenkins’ plight.

And Miller isn’t being sanctioned because she decided she’s no longer gay,

But because she illegally tried to take Jenkins’ parental rights away.

     Miller’s “decision” that she’s no longer gay

Shouldn’t affect Jenkins’ parental rights in any way.

The fact that Jenkins isn’t the one that gave birth

Doesn’t lessen her parental rights’ worth.

     The key word in “same-sex marriage” is same.

Marriage equality isn’t for their separation to blame.

When straight people marry, some divorce.

With gays, it’s the same, of course.

     It’s unfortunate when two people split,

And if there are kids, they bear the brunt of it.

But saying that therefore one shouldn’t allow gay marriage

Is simultaneously both logic and fairness to disparage.

     The crux of the problem is that Miller thought she was right

To unilaterally rescind Jenkins’ court-ordered visitation right,

And that just because Jenkins is gay

Miller was justified in taking that right away.

     That’s wrong, which is why we have laws to enforce a custody ruling

(Which gay or straight, are often subject to much legal dueling).

That the justice system ruled for Jenkins is progress,

And it’s Miller’s intransigence that has caused the distress.

     So the case is a vindication for gay equal rights.

But though that result in itself delights,

I have to tell ya’,

I still feel sorry for Isabella.


PS: Just so I don’t get accused of being one-sided, the opposing view is ably presented in Lesbian awarded custody of Christian’s only child (WorldNet Daily 12/05/09). I think the objectivity inherent in that title says it all, but in case that’s not enough of a tip-off to their political views, there’s also the accompanying ads for impeaching Obama, how to hide your guns (then in small letters, “from criminals”), the “Marketing of Evil” 4-CD audiobook (handy for absorbing crucial information without actually reading), gas and solar generators (for your post-apocalyptic home and/or militia HQ), do-it-yourself solar panels (ditto), buying gold (“peace of mind in uncertain times”), and Gadsen & Clupepper’s “Don’t tread on me” American Heritage Shoppe. If you’re still not clued into their views, you will be by the article’s bizarre conclusion, which states that the case was further complicated when Janet “Lesbian” Jenkins’ VA attorney withdrew “after he was indicted for obstructing justice and tampering with evidence regarding a murder that occurred in his home, where his college male friend was sodomized and killed.” If that doesn’t prove this is all part of a giant, evil homosexual conspiracy, I don’t know what does.

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