Is there a Nobel Prize for sour grapes?

October 11th, 2009

See my comment (and video below) on the Republican/Fox response to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Republicans are apoplectic

Obama’s Nobel makes them sick.

“Why does so much honor to him accrue?”

“Why can’t everyone just hate him like we do?”


When we lost the Olympics they were joyous,

Applauding so much it annoyed us.

Now, there’s nothing quite so despondent

As a Fox correspondent.


Exceptions: Bill said something (somewhat) positive

(But you, Ms. Ingraham, I can’t forgive).

Sen. McCain, your reaction shows you’re a Mensch.

Your comments help get rid of the stench.


Here’s the general Republican/Fox reaction (note the contrast between joy at the Olympics loss versus anger at the Nobel).

Here’s the Fox & Friends group:

Here are Bill’s and Laura’s comments.

Here’s Sen. McCain’s reaction.

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